I don’t think that we’d be over egging the custard to say that Reg Mombassa is the world’s greatest living t-shirt artist. He is also a much acclaimed musician, one of this country’s most collected ‘fine’ artists, a published writer, a poet, a humanist, a dispenser of arcane wisdom, a buggerer of sacred cows and not least, a much loved national treasure.

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Twenty five years ago, Reg walked into the Mambo studio with a picture of a ‘Violent Hen’ in one hand and an invoice book in the other to kick off a relationship that was to inject fresh DNA into the stagnant t-shirt graphics gene pool.

On the 13th & 14th May, Reg will be a guest speaker at the Semi-Permanent design conference at Sydney’s Darling Harbour

If you plan on attending only one lecture this year being conducted by a long haired, paint spattered old hippy banging on about a lifetime of remarkable achievement then this is that lecture

For more information visit: semipermanent or Reg’s website: here