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Mambo motto: If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. So when we were given the choice of shooting the 2012 Goddess campaign in the Mambo carpark (after clearing away 5 years of accumulated junk), or New York, any serious reservations about the “financial wisdom of this shoot” from our accounts department were only considered for as long as it took to cancel the papers and find someone to mind the cat. Featured in the video are Mambo Goddesses, Cheyenne Tozzi and Jessica Gomes, Goddess wrangler, Slash (yep,that Slash), and Mambo black-eye candy, Luke Cheadle and Brad McDermott


SANTA turns 2010, so what are you gunna do? Have a party is what.

Last week Mambo invited 800 of our closest friends to the Church On Chalmers, Surry Hills to celebrate the old buggers birthday. The joint rocked. The owners – I’m guessing that would be God, even let us pull down the scripture on the board out front and replace it with a company classic: Forgive Them Father For They Know Not What They Wear. Amen to that. You’d think all the grief we’ve given organized religion over the years that something would have to go pear shape – our accounts manager turned to a pillar of salt or a plague of locusts descending on the kitchen? Nothing. Just beautiful people, righteous beats, live artz, moving picture, bread turned to pizza, and water into vodka and wine. And we took some photos. You’ll recognize the A-list. The rest either snuck in (or paid off the door pigs) or work for Mambo.

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